Category Results - Roof Cuts, roof assembly/assemblies

Photo Item # From Description Price
131955-11988 Nissan 200SXRoof Cut HB,W O SUN ROF-WHT$175
217593-11991 Nissan 300ZXRoof Cut Passenger T TOP GLASS AND LOCK ASSY$150
134847-11996 Infiniti G20Roof Cut SLV-KL0,4DR,01-96,SUN$150
276245-11999 Mazda MiataRoof Cut CONVERTIBLE SOFT TOP$300
281271-11999 Acura NSXRoof Cut TARGA TOP - RED$2500
145950-12000 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut GLD,4DR,6/00$295
142873-12000 Nissan SentraRoof Cut BURG,4DR,3/00,CLEAR PEELING$300
79746-12001 Honda AccordROOF CUT WITH SUNROOF OPTION$150
282335-12002 Lexus SC430Roof Cut CONVERTIBLE TOP - BLACK$Call
135376-12002 Nissan SentraRoof Cut 0702,RG111110,SIL,4 DR,SPECV$300
143531-12003 Infiniti G35Roof Cut BLU,2DR,03/03,SUN$500
144643-12004 Infiniti G35Roof Cut BLK,2DR,NORM$500
55572-12004 Acura MDXROOF CUT,W/SUNROOF OPTION$325
45308-12004 Acura TLCut ROOF$250
164886-12005 Nissan PathfinderRoof Cut GRY,11/04$Call
76305-12005 Honda S2000Roof Cut REAR BACK GLASS WINDOW$125
142760-12006 Nissan 350ZRoof Cut RED,2DR,12/05$350
233488-12006 Lexus GS300ROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION$350
143720-12006 Infiniti M35Roof Cut GRY,4DR,05/05,SUN$Call
156611-12006 Infiniti M45Roof Cut WHT,4DR,11\05,SUN$300
164301-12007 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut BLU,4DR,07/07,NORM$Call
147303-12007 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut BLK,4DR,03/07$Call
81005-12007 Acura MDXROOF CUT,W/SUNROOF OPTION$499
163774-12007 Nissan SentraRoof Cut BLK,4/07$Call
164772-12007 Nissan XterraCut BRN,SUV, NO SUNROOF$Call
252512-12008 Nissan 350ZCut ROOF STORAGE LID TONNEAU COVER$850
160616-12008 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut GRY,4DR,04/08,SUN$350
158336-12008 Infiniti EX35Roof Cut BLK,SUV,05/08,SUN$500
145536-12008 Infiniti G35Roof Cut BLK,4DR,07/08$Call
164423-12008 Infiniti G37Roof Cut GRY,2DR,12/07,SUN$Call
128058-12008 Honda S2000Roof Cut BACK GLASS$125
145269-12009 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut WHT,4DR,9/08,NORM$Call
155253-12009 Infiniti FX50Roof Cut GRY,SUV,03/08,SUN$Call
79904-12009 Acura TLROOF CUT, no sunroof$475
57624-12009 Acura TSXROOF CUT,W/SUNROOF OPTION end damage$Call
127680-12010 Toyota 4 RUNNERROOF CUT ASSEM$395
143467-12010 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut WHT,4DR,4/10$Call
241640-12010 Toyota CorollaROOF CUT GRAY$400
153053-12010 Nissan CubeRoof Cut WHT,4DR,11/09$Call
100112-12010 Lexus HS250HROOF CUT,SILVER BLUE$550
156084-12010 Nissan MaximaRoof Cut GRAY,4DR,09/09,SUN$Call
83206-12010 Honda PilotROOF CUT,W/SUNROOF OPTION$600
126379-12010 Toyota PriusROOF CUT$250
144827-12010 Nissan SentraRoof Cut SLV,4DR,11/09$Call
217638-12011 Nissan AltimaROOF CUT$300
84522-12011 Honda Cr-zROOF CUT$350
97281-12012 Honda FITROOF CUT$260
160798-12012 Nissan MaximaRoof Cut PUR,4DR,05/12,SUN$400
273164-12012 Mazda MiataRoof Cut CONVERTIBLE SOFT TOP$400
155578-12013 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut WHT,4DR,4/12$299
152537-12013 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut BLK,4DR,3/13$299
87324-12013 Honda CivicROOF CUT$275
156984-12013 Nissan MaximaRoof Cut GLD,4DR,11\12,SUN$400
221962-12013 Toyota PriusROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION$350
153579-12013 Nissan SentraRoof Cut GRY,4DR,1/13$200
163126-12013 Nissan TitanRoof Cut RED,5/13$350
159093-12014 Nissan AltimaRoof Cut SLV,4DR,2/14,NORM$299
106181-12014 Toyota CorollaROOF CUT, BLUE$399
203836-12014 Nissan PathfinderROOF CUT$400
162059-12014 Nissan SentraRoof Cut BLU,4DR,3/14$250
159195-12014 Nissan SentraRoof Cut RED,4DR,2/14,NORM$200
255717-12014 Scion Tc scionROOF CUT GRAY$375
271707-12014 Subaru Xv crosstrekROOF CUT ASSEMBLY, SILVER BLUE$375
107067-12015 Honda FITCut ROOF PANEL, RED$450
206020-12015 Nissan MuranoROOF CUT$600
237749-12015 Nissan NV200ROOF CUT WHITE$600
272433-12015 Honda OdysseyROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION -$Call
165014-12015 Nissan SentraRoof Cut WHT,02/15$216.67
160068-12015 Nissan SentraRoof Cut WHT,4DR,3/15,NO GLASS$Call
224090-12015 Nissan SentraROOF CUT$215
234994-12015 Nissan SentraROOF CUT$215
127512-12015 Acura TLXROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF$650
154158-12015 Nissan VersaRoof Cut BLU,5/14,NORM,HB$Call
254906-12016 Nissan 370ZROOF CUT WHITE$600
205402-12016 Honda AccordROOF CUT -$325
191718-12016 Honda CivicROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION$440
239211-12016 Honda CivicROOF CUT -$250
223909-12016 Nissan MaximaROOF CUT$800
230170-12016 Honda PilotROOF CUT$800
130285-12016 Toyota PriusROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION$400
206892-12016 Toyota PriusROOF CUT WHITE$400
201580-12016 Nissan RogueROOF CUT$400
203671-12016 Nissan Titan xdROOF CUT$650
210680-12017 Honda Cr-vROOF CUT LX NO SUNROOF$350
227402-12017 Honda Cr-vROOF CUT - WHITE$350
286637-12017 Toyota TacomaEXTEND CAB NO.SUNROOF ROOF CUT$850
212194-12018 Honda AccordROOF CUT$600
239352-12018 Honda AccordROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION GRAY$350
216820-12018 Nissan AltimaROOF CUT$299
218908-12018 Honda CivicROOF CUT$400
254396-12019 Honda InsightROOF CUT - W/SUNROOF OPTION$450
286636-12019 Toyota TacomaGREY,4DR,SR5 W/O SUNROOF ROOF CUT$950

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