Category Results - Clockspring/SRS Wheel Reel, Airbag Crash Sensor

Photo Item # From Description Price
241723-11995 Nissan 240SXSRS Reel/Clockspring Assembly$150
206672-11996 Nissan AltimaCLOCK SPRING CENTER$25
47887-11996 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING$45
245632-11996 Honda Del solCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$40
294096-11996 Acura IntegraCLOCK SPRING ASSY$100
202295-11997 Nissan AltimaCLOCK SPRING, 2.4L, GXE$50
222902-11998 Honda Cr-vCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$35
292654-11998 Toyota TacomaCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$40
253652-11999 Toyota CamryCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$40
286224-11999 Toyota CamryCLOCKSPRING$40
239806-11999 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$35
255241-11999 Lexus GS 400CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$150
278040-11999 Mazda MiataCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$50
96367-11999 Acura NSXSRS DASH SENSOR$225
282628-11999 Acura NSXPassenger SRS DASH SENSOR$225
288167-11999 Lexus SC300CLOCK SPRING$199
244597-11999 Toyota SiennaClockspring/SRS Reel$145
238122-12000 Honda AccordSRS Cable Reel/Clockspring$25
287046-12000 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$25
288088-12000 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$45
244053-12000 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING ASSY$35
23031-12001 Honda AccordSRS WHEEL for ex$25
106614-12001 Honda AccordSRS CLOCK SPRING$50
61572-12001 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING$40
225238-12001 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$40
268236-12001 Honda InsightCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$40
249223-12001 Nissan MaximaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$25
289951-12001 Acura MDXCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$35
241411-12001 Mazda MiataCLOCK SPRING$45
257357-12001 Toyota TacomaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$45
287059-12002 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$49
38257-12002 Honda CivicAIR BAG SENSOR, Front driver$35
274551-12002 Lexus LS430CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$120
233105-12002 Nissan MaximaCLOCK SPRING/BODY COLUMN$45
287180-12002 Honda OdysseyCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$49
283146-12002 Lexus SC430CLOCK SPRING$150
244826-12002 Nissan XterraClockspring/SRS Reel Assembly$70
221639-12003 Nissan AltimaCLOCK SPRING/COLUMN BODY$40
225908-12003 Nissan AltimaClockspring$40
250487-12003 Toyota CamryCLOCK SPRING$125
243212-12003 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$45
98987-12003 Honda Cr-vFront passenger AIRBAG SENSOR$20
204338-12003 Infiniti G35CLOCKSPRING ASSY$75
206714-12003 Infiniti G35CLOCK SPRING/SWITCH BODY COLUMN$75
282598-12003 Toyota MatrixCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$125
206653-12003 Nissan MaximaCLOCK SPRING/BODY COLUMN$45
197547-12003 Nissan SentraCLOCK SPRING$75
261861-12003 Nissan XterraCLOCK SPRING REEL$200
256820-12004 Nissan 350ZCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$40
272257-12004 Toyota 4 RUNNERCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
282235-12004 Toyota 4 RUNNERCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
56935-12004 Honda CivicCLOCK-SPRING$40
249675-12004 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$39
237719-12004 Mazda 6CLOCK SPRING, 2.3L, AT$40
46924-12005 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING$45
236312-12005 Honda CivicClockspring W/ Colum Switch Body$55
293291-12005 Lexus IS300CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
39219-12005 Acura RSXRear passenger AIRBAG SENSOR$30
274563-12005 Acura RSXSRS CLOCK SPRING$55
281231-12005 Acura RSXSRS CLOCK SPRING$55
246010-12006 Nissan 350ZCLOCK SPRING$75
260770-12006 Nissan 350ZCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
249088-12006 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$120
269125-12006 Lexus GS300CLOCK SPRING ASSY$150
288785-12006 Honda InsightCLOCK SPRING$50
277449-12006 Lexus IS 350CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
228353-12006 Infiniti M45Clockspring/Combination Switch Body$70
231807-12006 Infiniti M45Clockspring/Angle Sensor$70
299985-12007 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$Call
230915-12007 Toyota AvalonClockspring$40
287376-12007 Lexus ES 350CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
272028-12007 Toyota HighlanderCLOCKSPRING$100
191590-12007 Nissan MaximaSteering Angle Sensor$45
253706-12007 Toyota PriusCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$40
258767-12008 Lexus GS350STEERING SENSOR W/CLOCK SPRING$275
266769-12008 Toyota PriusCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$40
291929-12008 Toyota SiennaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
274894-12009 Nissan 370ZCLOCKSPRING$120
112295-12009 Toyota 4 RUNNERSRS CLOCKSPRING 84306-60080$90
287403-12009 Toyota CamryCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$70
294215-12009 Honda CivicCLOCKSPRING$100
220453-12009 Toyota CorollaCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY W/O LEATHER$80
237330-12009 Infiniti G37Steering Airbag Assembly/Clockspring$115
298730-12009 Subaru ImprezaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$125
276312-12009 Nissan MaximaCLOCKSPRING$70
288081-12009 Mazda MiataCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
301122-12009 Toyota PriusCLOCK SPRING ASSY$Call
270304-12009 Scion Tc scionCLOCK SPRING ASSY$50
295304-12010 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING$35
237426-12010 Honda CivicSRS Reel/Clockspring$100
281842-12010 Honda CrosstourCLOCKSPRING ASSY$99
191815-12010 Infiniti EX35Clock Spring$140
251434-12010 Infiniti G37CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$50
275426-12010 Subaru ImprezaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$125
262469-12010 Honda OdysseyCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$46
246333-12010 Nissan VersaSRS CLOCK SPRING REEL$75
296884-12011 Toyota 4 RUNNERCLOCKSPRING ASSY$250
234358-12011 Infiniti G25CLOCK SPRING$50
300120-12011 Infiniti G37CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$Call
287292-12011 Honda OdysseyCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
300766-12011 Scion Xd scionSRS CLOCK SPRING 84306-0E010$Call
254714-12012 Honda CivicSRS CLOCKSPRING$38
296792-12012 Toyota CorollaCLOCKSPRING$80
274574-12012 Mazda MiataCLOCKSPRING$99
277491-12012 Nissan VersaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
231261-12013 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$60
240447-12013 Nissan AltimaSRS Reel/Clockspring Assembly$90
266779-12013 Nissan AltimaCLOCKSPRING ASSY$90
120686-12013 Toyota AvalonCLOCKSPRING REEL$290
287225-12013 Subaru Br-zCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$150
292506-12013 Porsche CayenneCLOCKSPRING$200
92319-12013 Honda CivicSIDE IMPACT SENSOR ASSY$10
288008-12013 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$38
116144-12013 Lexus ES300HSRS CLOCKSPRING 89245-33060$270
282991-12013 Honda FITCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$35
256245-12013 Lexus GS350CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$199
262877-12013 Nissan JukeCLOCKSPRING$45
232413-12013 Toyota PriusCLOCK SPRING$175
292565-12013 Acura RDXSRS CLOCKSPRING$30
296649-12013 Lexus RX350CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$250
247623-12014 Nissan AltimaCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$75
271588-12014 Nissan AltimaSRS Reel/Clockspring Assembly$75
258835-12014 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING SPEED SENSOR$38
240092-12014 Nissan CubeCLOCK SPRING$140
278108-12014 Lexus ES300HCLOCK SPRING ASSY$285
296976-12014 Ford ExplorerCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
297402-12014 Ford ExplorerCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
300891-12014 Ford FocusCLOCK SPRING ASSY$Call
299222-12014 Toyota HighlanderCLOCK SPRING$240
289983-12014 Acura MDXCLOCK SPRING$50
296129-12014 Honda PilotCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$35
280221-12014 Toyota SiennaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$280
258146-12014 Scion Tc scionCLOCK SPRING$175
298503-12014 Toyota VenzaCLOCKSPRING$299
248063-12014 Nissan VersaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$150
291097-12015 BMW 328ICLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
249990-12015 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$40
296152-12015 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$40
266978-12015 Nissan AltimaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
288840-12015 Nissan AltimaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
296846-12015 Honda CivicCLOCK SPRING SPEED SENSOR$38
296210-12015 Lexus IS 250CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$200
238589-12015 Acura MDXCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
228580-12015 Nissan MuranoClockspring / Steering Wire Assembly$75
261218-12015 Infiniti Q50CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
260953-12015 Toyota RAV 4CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$239
240148-12015 RogueCLOCKSPRING ASSY$150
289585-12015 Toyota YarisCLOCK SPRING$220
256383-12016 Nissan 370ZCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$125
259067-12016 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$35
285439-12016 Jeep CherokeeCLOCKSPRING MODULE SEE$140
295347-12016 Mazda CX-5CLOCK SPRING ASSY$50
243179-12016 Honda FITCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$115
248510-12016 Honda FITCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$115
260641-12016 Honda Hr-vCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
290153-12016 Acura ILXCLOCK SPRING ASSY$30
288601-12016 Lexus IS 350CLOCKSPRING$250
293215-12016 Mazda 6CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
249989-12016 Honda PilotCLOCKSPRING REEL$79
285986-12016 Honda PilotCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$79
288155-12016 Honda PilotCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$79
278363-12016 Infiniti Q50CLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
294618-12016 Lexus RX350CLOCKSPRING$499
242824-12017 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY HYBRID$149
261434-12017 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY HYBIRD$149
234103-12017 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$30
239678-12017 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING ASSY$30
288832-12017 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$30
282022-12017 Nissan MaximaSENSOR ASSY-STEERING ANGLE$99
300003-12017 Ford MustangCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$Call
227835-12017 Honda PilotCLOCK SPRING ASSY$125
238335-12017 Honda PilotCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$80
254165-12017 Honda PilotCLOCK SPRING$75
289993-12017 Honda PilotCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$60
300943-12017 Toyota PriusCLOCKSPRING ASSY$Call
296111-12017 Honda RidgelineCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$75
281225-12017 Toyota TacomaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY MELTED PLUG$239
234430-12018 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING ASSY$100
235704-12018 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$100
241205-12018 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$25
253661-12018 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$25
256991-12018 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING$25
279816-12018 Honda AccordCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$100
242537-12018 Honda Cr-vCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$30
266015-12018 Honda Cr-vCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$30
300755-12018 Volkswagen JettaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$Call
235972-12018 Honda OdysseyCLOCKSPRING REEL ASSY$99
265209-12018 Honda OdysseyCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$99
281783-12019 Honda AccordCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
272196-12019 Toyota CamryCLOCK SPRING ASSY$150
255250-12019 Honda InsightCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$100
295172-12019 Nissan PathfinderCLOCK SPRING$165
296637-12020 Toyota CorollaCLOCK SPRING REEL ASSY$199

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