Category Results - Fuel Injectors or rails, Fuel pressure regulators

Sale is for one injector only, unless otherwise noted!

Sale is for one injector only, unless otherwise noted!

Photo Item # From Description Price
38909-11991 Acura LegendFUEL INJECTOR 4QTY$50
126496-11992 Acura NSXFUEL INJECTORS 6 QTY$150
37562-11993 Honda PreludeFUEL INJECTOR 2.3 SI$15
30756-11995 Honda CivicFUEL INJECTOR$12
123898-11996 Honda Civic1.6L VTEC FUEL INJECTORS 4QTY$30
245550-11996 Honda Del solInjector FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR +RETURN PIPE$25
294210-11996 Acura IntegraInjector FUEL RAIL ASSY$150
204597-11997 Honda CivicFUEL INJECTOR PIPE ASSY$65
126497-11999 Honda CivicInjector 1.6L VTEC FUEL INJETORS 4QTY$30
278210-11999 Lexus GS 400SET OF 5 FUEL INJECTORS$99
96369-11999 Acura NSX1 QTY FUEL INJECTOR$30
239884-12000 Honda AccordSULEV Fuel Injector$15
70066-12000 Honda CivicFUEL INJECTOR$12
79643-12000 Acura IntegraFUEL INJECTOR$15
236830-12000 Nissan MaximaFuel Injector$150
27834-12001 Honda CivicFUEL INJECTOR$13
253401-12001 Infiniti I30FUEL INJECTOR RAIL$150
235873-12002 BMW 325II,2.5L FUEL RAIL WITH INJECTORS$240
30342-12002 Acura RLFUEL INJECTOR 5QTY$60
92081-12002 Acura RLFUEL INJECTOR$20
240595-12003 Infiniti FX45FUEL INJECTOR$30
55107-12004 Honda AccordFUEL INJECTOR 4QTY$40
219707-12004 Infiniti FX35FUEL INJECTORS, 3.5L, UNISIA JECS$20
305081-12004 Acura NSXQTY 6 FUEL INJECTOR$300
305001-12004 Acura NSXInjector FUEL FEED RAILS$150
305935-12004 Acura NSXInjector FUEL STRAINER CANNISTER$25
236826-12004 Infiniti Q45Fuel Injector$25
264295-12004 Honda S2000Injector FUEL RAIL ASSY$175
237049-12005 Nissan 350ZFuel Injector$20
278255-12005 Honda CivicInjector FUEL RAIL$40
75920-12006 Honda AccordFUEL INJECTOR$45
240593-12006 Infiniti M45FUEL INJECTOR$30
253578-12006 Acura RSXInjector FUEL RAIL$50
225113-12006 Acura TSXFUEL RAIL W/ INJECTOR$50
7263-12007 Honda AccordFUEL INJECTORS 4QTY$50
212301-12007 Nissan AltimaFUEL INJECTORS, CALIFORNIA, 2.5L, SL$15
236834-12007 Nissan AltimaFuel Injector -Hybrid$15
116541-12007 Honda Cr-v2.4L FUEL INJECTOR$15
120003-12007 Honda Cr-vFUEL INJECTOR$15
255171-12007 Infiniti M45FUEL INJECTOR RAIL$175
116414-12007 Honda S2000FUEL INJECTOR$50
242012-12007 Scion Tc scionFuel Injector 2.4L$30
229660-12008 Nissan AltimaFUEL INJECTORS$15
211616-12008 Infiniti G35FUEL INJECTOR$20
236849-12008 Infiniti G37Fuel Injector$40
212105-12008 Mazda 3ONE FUEL INJECTOR$25
298769-12009 Subaru ImprezaInjector Driver FUEL RAIL ASSY$25
298767-12009 Subaru ImprezaInjector Passenger FUEL RAIL ASSY$25
237048-12009 Nissan VersaFuel Injector 1.6L$25
236827-12010 Nissan AltimaFuel Injector -California$15
321781-12010 Ford MustangFUEL INJECTORS ASSY$Call
237054-12010 Nissan RogueFuel Injector 2.5L Federal$20
299817-12011 BMW 550IInjector Driver FUEL RAIL$75
299810-12011 BMW 550IInjector Passenger FUEL RAIL ASSY$75
236850-12011 Nissan AltimaFuel Injector 2.5L California$15
301150-12011 Porsche CaymanFUEL INJECTOR RAIL$150
281145-12011 Mazda 3FUEL INJECTOR WIRE$75
237051-12012 Infiniti G37Fuel Injector 3.7L$40
287438-12012 Honda InsightFUEL RAIL WITH INJECTORS$125
236852-12012 Nissan MaximaFuel Injector 3.5L Cali$20
229669-12012 Nissan TitanFUEL INJECTORS$20
219706-12012 Nissan VersaFUEL INJECTORS, 1.6L, SEDAN$20
119743-12013 Toyota CamryFUEL INJECTOR$25
292925-12013 Porsche CayenneInjector UPPER FUEL RAILS$75
224611-12013 Nissan FrontierFUEL INJECTOR, 2.5L, 4 CYLINDER$45
236851-12013 Nissan MaximaFuel Injector 3.5L Cali$20
232829-12013 Toyota PriusFUEL RAIL W/INJECTORS$100
236835-12013 Nissan RogueFuel Injector$20
280258-12014 Toyota CamryInjector FUEL RAIL$100
273017-12014 Nissan FrontierInjector FUEL RAIL$100
236832-12014 Nissan SentraFuel Injector$15
102764-12015 Honda AccordFUEL INJECTORS (4)$150
317066-12015 Ford FiestaFUEL RAIL AND INJECTOR SET 1.6 AT$100
236833-12015 Nissan SentraFuel Injector$15
237053-12015 Nissan SentraFuel Injector 1.8L$15
236831-12015 Nissan VersaFuel Injector$20
236829-12015 Nissan VersaFuel Injector$20
320629-12016 Audi A7 AUDIFUEL INJECTOR ASSY$Call
319320-12016 Toyota CamryFUEL RAIL - 3 INJECTORS$Call
258771-12016 Honda CivicFUEL INJECTOR + RAIL$100
267859-12016 Lexus IS200TFUEL RAIL W/ INJECTORS$200
267955-12016 Lexus IS200TInjector FUEL DELIVERY PIPE$150
293295-12016 Jeep PatriotInjector FUEL RAIL ASSY$75
288941-12017 Honda Cr-vInjector 1.5L FUEL RAIL$40
312643-12017 Buick EncoreInjector FUEL INJECTION RAIL ASSY$50
306798-12017 Ford MustangFuel Injector TURBO BOOST PRESSURE CONTROL SOLNOID$40
315713-12017 Ford MustangFUEL INJECTOR + RAIL ASSY$199
313753-12018 Jeep CompassInjector FUEL RAIL ASSY$250
253511-12018 Ford MustangUPPER FUEL INJECTOR RAIL ASSY$250
320867-12019 Dodge ChallengerFUEL INJECTORS RAIL ASSY$Call

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