Category Results - Carrier/Transfer Cases, Differential assembly

Photo Item # From Description Price
243385-11992 Nissan 240SXREAR DIFFERENTIAL, RWD$299
308253-11992 Lexus SC400DIFFERENTIAL - V8$Call
243830-11996 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$185
261958-11997 Lexus SC300REAR DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$250
222866-11998 Honda Cr-vREAR DIFFERENTIAL$200
294076-11998 Toyota TacomaFRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$325
294754-11998 Toyota TacomaREAR DIFFERENTIAL ASY 3.58 RATIO 4X4$500
68468-11999 Honda Cr-v99 CRV Rear DIFFERENTIAL, NEEDS WELD$Call
278927-11999 Mazda MiataDIFFERENTIAL ASSY$275
287068-11999 Lexus SC300DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$250
244371-12000 Honda Cr-vDIFFERENTIAL ASSY$150
241153-12000 Nissan FrontierFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$200
242573-12000 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL, 4X4$185
238432-12001 Acura MDXREAR DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$125
290930-12001 Acura MDXREAR DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$125
249239-12001 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$175
251488-12001 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$175
260349-12001 Lexus RX300REAR DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$150
243829-12002 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$175
243835-12002 Nissan XterraFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$125
243831-12002 Nissan XterraFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$325
243304-12003 Nissan 350ZREAR DIFFERENTIAL, RWD, LOCKING$175
242958-12003 Infiniti FX45REAR DIFFERENTIAL, AWD, 4.5L$175
245824-12003 Infiniti FX45FRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$200
242974-12003 Infiniti G35REAR DIFFERENTIAL, 2WD, AT, NO-LSD$175
243196-12003 Infiniti G35DIFFERENTIAL$175
249942-12003 Infiniti G35REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER ASSY$175
255962-12004 Nissan 350ZDIFFERENTIAL ASSY$175
242959-12004 Infiniti FX35REAR DIFFERENTIAL, AWD, V6$150
243383-12004 Infiniti FX35REAR DIFFERENTIAL, RWD$175
243683-12004 Infiniti FX35REAR DIFFERENTIAL$150
267842-12004 Infiniti FX35FRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$199
220539-12004 Infiniti FX45REAR DIFFERENTAL, AWD, 8CYL$200
243263-12004 Infiniti G35REAR DIFFERENTIAL RWD LOCKING$175
243203-12004 Infiniti QX56REAR DIFFERENTIAL, AWD$225
242547-12005 Infiniti FX35REAR FINAL DRIVE$175
243201-12005 Infiniti G35REAR DIFFERENTIAL ,RWD, LOCKING$175
243282-12005 Nissan PathfinderREAR DIFFERENTIAL RWD$195
243824-12005 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$125
243822-12005 Nissan PathfinderFRONT DIFFERENTIAL$125
72798-12005 Acura RLREAR DIFFERENTIAL$280
220610-12005 Acura RLREAR DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$280
256929-12005 Acura RLREAR DIFFERENTIAL$280
243202-12006 Nissan 350ZREAR DIFFERENTIAL, RWD, LOCKING$175
249372-12006 Nissan 350ZLOCKING DIFFERENTIAL MILES= 141,551$175
220251-12006 Nissan FrontierFRONT DIFFERANTAL$125
242960-12006 Infiniti G35REAR DIFFERENTIAL, 2WD, AT, NO-LSD$200
270030-12006 Lexus GS300FRONT DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$150
277430-12006 Lexus IS 350DIFFERENTIAL ASSY$275

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