Category Results - Hybrid Battery / IMA Battery

Photo Item # From Description Price
188067-10 Battery$40
175613-10 Battery$55
175317-11999 Nissan MaximaBattery$40
181946-12001 Nissan PathfinderBattery$40
185710-12002 Nissan FrontierBattery$Call
308384-12003 Honda InsightIMA BATTERY ASSY$325
50250-12004 Honda CivicBattery CABLE ASSY., MOTOR PDU$215
93682-12004 Acura TLBATTERY COVER, BLK, CRACKED$Call
281005-12005 Toyota PriusHYBRID BATTERY - 196K CORE NO GOOD$500
37429-12006 Honda CivicBattery HOUSING ASSY.$100
37403-12006 Honda CivicBattery PDU (REWRITABLE)$100
43193-12007 Honda CivicBattery IPU HARNESS$50
42632-12007 Honda CivicBattery HOUSING IMA MOTOR$100
42588-12007 Honda CivicBattery CABLE HIGH VOLTAGE$100
42402-12007 Honda CivicBattery IMA MODULE FRAME HEAT SINK$50
271520-12007 Toyota HighlanderHYBRID BATTERY ASSY$750
220954-12009 Nissan 370ZBATTERY- BRACKET$12
294342-12009 Honda CivicHYBRID BATTERY IMA ASSY$777
101155-12010 Lexus HS250HBattery FRAME WIRE 82164-75020$150
276086-12011 Toyota PriusHYBRID BATTERY PACK - 122K MILES$950
307955-12012 Toyota CamryHYBRID BATTERY ASSY$950
286658-12012 Honda InsightIMA HYBRID BATTERY ASSY$550
261621-12012 Toyota PriusHV BATTERY ASSY$650
120078-12013 Toyota AvalonBattery INVERTER CONVERTER$150
109151-12013 Honda CivicBattery IIU COVER$20
109150-12013 Honda CivicBattery HEATSINK CASE$70
109148-12013 Honda CivicBattery HEAT SINK FRAME$25
129439-12013 Honda CivicBattery IMA ELECTRONIC MOTOR CONTROL$199
129438-12013 Honda CivicBattery HYBRID IMA COMPRESSOR DRIVER ASSY$490
129724-12013 Honda CivicBattery IPU HARNESS$60
308713-12013 Lexus ES300HHYBRID BATTERY ASSY$1000
308659-12013 Lexus ES300HMAYDAY BATTERY$50
103956-12013 Acura ILXBattery HEAT SINK CASE/FRAME$70
127667-12014 Honda AccordBattery PCU ASSEMBLY$950
127666-12014 Honda AccordBattery IPU GUARD$500
127682-12014 Honda AccordBattery ELECTRIC COOLANT HEATER$900
127731-12014 Honda AccordBattery JUNCTION BOARD$800
127762-12014 Honda AccordHYBRID BATTERY PACK$1500
278086-12014 Lexus ES300HBATTERY BACKUP$50
116622-12014 Toyota Prius vBattery FRAME WIRE HARNESS$199
315617-12015 Lexus NX200TMAYDAY BATTERY BACKUP$Call
307114-12016 Lexus CT200HMAYDAY BATTERY$50
254786-12016 Toyota HighlanderHYBRID BATTERY ASSEMBLY$2199
306681-12016 Nissan LeafHYBRID BATTERY - 30K MILES$3500
206624-12016 Acura MDXBATTERY AIR DUCT TUBE$10
226647-12016 Toyota PriusHYBRID BATTERY$1000
310180-12018 Toyota CamryHYBRID BATTERY 41K MILES$1150
298339-12018 Honda ClarityHYBRID BATTERY$2500
300356-12018 Honda ClarityREWRITABLE BATTERY CHARGER$230
298512-12018 Toyota PriusHYBRID BATTERY ASSY$1000

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