Category Results - EGR Valves

Photo Item # From Description Price
223197-11990 Nissan StanzaResonator & Valve Assy$10
223194-11990 Nissan StanzaVaccum Solenoid Assy/Bracket$25
225313-11992 Nissan 240SXEGR Backpressure Transducer Valve$33
245834-11992 Lexus SC300EGR MODULATOR$45
246886-11992 Lexus SC300VACUUM DUTY VALVE$20
251517-11994 Lexus ES300EGR PIPE$40
251564-11994 Lexus ES300VACUUM SURGE TANK$25
260096-11994 Toyota T100EVAP VALVE W/ PIPE EGR$100
69238-11996 Honda AccordEGR$85
224960-11996 Infiniti Q45EGR Back Pressure Transducer Valve$15
54637-11997 Acura CLEGR VALVE 2.2$75
293983-11998 Toyota TacomaPURGE/VACUUM VALVE ASSY$40
293903-11998 Toyota TacomaEGR TUBE PIPE$60
295241-11998 Toyota TacomaEGR VALVE$150
286792-11999 Toyota CamryEGR VALVE$40
116881-11999 Acura CLEGR VALVE$30
93373-11999 Acura NSXEGR PIPE$58
94103-11999 Acura NSXEGR VALVE$85
118288-11999 Honda PreludeEGR VALVE$85
287803-11999 Lexus SC300EVAP PURGE VACUUM VALVE$40
234352-11999 Toyota TacomaEGR Pipe #1$43
234351-11999 Toyota TacomaMain EGR Valve Assembly$140
238257-12000 Honda AccordEGR VALVE SET, EX, 4CYL$30
80739-12001 Honda AccordEGR VALVE V6$30
129185-12001 Honda AccordEGR VALVE$30
260186-12001 Lexus RX300VACUUM SURGE TANK ASSY$40
51696-12002 Acura MDXEGR VALVE$65
22212-12002 Acura TLEGR VALVE,OEM,TYPE S$40
96411-12003 Honda CivicEGR VALVE SET$50
227245-12003 Nissan FrontierFUEL CHECK BYPASS VALVE, V6, MT$25
246765-12003 Nissan FrontierPURGE CONTROL SOLENOID$10
72233-12003 Acura MDXEGR VALVE$50
101752-12003 Acura MDXEGR VALVE$55
94091-12003 Honda PilotEGR VALVE$50
51547-12003 Acura TLVALVE SET, EGR$40
41469-12003 Acura TLEGR VALVE$40
38566-12003 Acura TLEGR VALVE$40
37416-12003 Acura TLEGR VALVE$40
25686-12003 Acura TLEGR VALVE$40
92367-12003 Acura TLEGR VALVE$40
55236-12004 Honda Accord4CYL EGR VALVE$50
232620-12004 Chevy ImpalaEGR Valve W/ Pipe$40
304998-12004 Acura NSXEGR VALVE$175
103598-12004 Honda PilotEGR VALVE$55
230956-12004 Infiniti Q45EGR VAPOR VALVE CONTROL SOLENOID$10
240589-12004 Nissan QuestEGR Valve W/ Pipe$75
229754-12004 Infiniti QX56EGR Purge Valve$70
236958-12005 Honda CivicEGR VALVE ASSEMBLY$90
246885-12005 Lexus IS300VACUUM VALVE SWITCH$25

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