Category Results - Door locks (Actuators/latches)

Photo Item # From Description Price
278891-11984 Nissan 300ZXPassenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$100
278890-11984 Nissan 300ZXDriver DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$100
180033-11986 Nissan Nissan truckItem description unavailable.$Call
31283-11990 Acura Integra4dr Front driver DR LOCK W/ ACTUATOR$40
281332-11990 Nissan StanzaFront passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$40
281331-11990 Nissan StanzaRear passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$40
28002-11991 Honda Accord2DR Passenger PWR ACTUATOR$35
12053-11991 Acura Integra2DR Passenger LOCK ACTUATOR,MANUAL$35
69519-11991 Acura NSXPassenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$199
28224-11991 Acura NSXPassenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$120
15024-11992 Honda Civic4DR Rear passenger MANUAL DOOR LATCH$25
11005-11992 Honda CivicRear passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR DX$40
11000-11992 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$40
16920-11992 Acura Vigor4DR Front passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$55
10320-11993 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR ACTUATOR$39
20266-11993 Acura Integra2DR POWER Driver ACTUATOR,PWR OEM$40
19402-11993 Acura Integra2DR Passenger DOOR ACTUATOR,PWR$35
250019-11994 Lexus ES300Rear driver DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$60
250020-11994 Lexus ES300Rear passenger DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$60
1011-11994 Acura IntegraRear passenger DOOR ACTUATOR, ON DOOR$40
26525-11994 Honda PreludePassenger DOOR PWR ACTUATOR$49
1066-11994 Honda Prelude2DR Passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$29
56334-11996 Acura RL4DR Front passenger DOOR ACTUATOR$40
46973-11996 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$30
337730-11997 Lexus LS400Rear driver DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK - TESTED$Call
337729-11997 Lexus LS400Rear passenger DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK - TESTED$Call
337728-11997 Lexus LS400Front driver DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK - TESTED$Call
337727-11997 Lexus LS400Front passenger DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK - TESTED$Call
337336-11998 Honda Civic2DR Passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$Call
318116-11998 Acura Integra2DR Passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$75
104794-11998 Acura RLRear driver LOCK ACTUATOR$30
128442-11999 Honda Accord4DR Front passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$29
251616-11999 Lexus GS 400Rear passenger DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$70
251615-11999 Lexus GS 400Rear driver DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$70
26130-11999 Acura Integra4DR Rear passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$29
26129-11999 Acura Integra4DR Rear driver DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$29
26128-11999 Acura Integra4DR Front passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$39
26127-11999 Acura Integra4DR Front driver DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$39
102363-11999 Acura IntegraRear passenger DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$20
102362-11999 Acura Integra4DR Front passenger DOOR LATCH ACTUATOR LOCK$20
281396-11999 Mazda MiataFront passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$50
319332-11999 Acura NSXPassenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$Call
314409-11999 Lexus RX300Rear driver DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK$70
314406-11999 Lexus RX300Front passenger DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK$90
64279-11999 Acura TLRear passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$Call
285092-12000 Honda AccordRear passenger DOOR LOCK ONLY$30
285091-12000 Honda AccordFront driver DOOR ACTUATOR LOCK$30
287037-12000 Honda AccordRear passenger LOCK ACTUATOR ONLY$30
288450-12000 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$30
281547-12000 Honda CivicRear passenger DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR$35

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