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Photo Item # From Description Price
132286-11990 Infiniti M30Speaker Passenger FNT CK RJO 11-12-03$Call
132287-11990 Nissan MaximaSpeaker Driver FNT CK RJO 11-12-03$Call
132777-11991 Nissan 300ZXSpeaker Passenger BOSE CK BB 03-26-04$150
132444-11991 Nissan MaximaSpeaker Passenger FRONT GOOD$Call
62294-11991 Acura NSXSpeaker Passenger BOSE SPEAK ASSY,$175
42032-11992 Acura NSXPassenger SPEAKER ASSY,bad$50
246445-11992 Lexus SC300Passenger SPEAKER W/BOX$35
246444-11992 Lexus SC300Driver SPEAKER ASSY W/BOX$35
309860-11992 Lexus SC400Driver SPEAKER W/ BOX$35
312683-11992 Lexus SC400Passenger SPEAKER W/ BOX ASSY$35
132296-11993 Nissan AltimaSpeaker Passenger FNT CK RJO 11-12-03$Call
132295-11993 Nissan AltimaSpeaker Driver FNT CK RJO 11-12-03$Call
134855-11996 Infiniti G20Speaker LEFT,REAR$30
134854-11996 Infiniti G20Speaker RIGHT,REAR$30
134853-11996 Infiniti G20Speaker LEFT,FRONT$30
134852-11996 Infiniti G20Speaker RIGHT,FRONT$30
294325-11996 Acura IntegraSpeaker BAZOOKA BASS TUBES SUBWOOFER 10"$50
134570-11997 Infiniti Q45R DASH,BOSE SPEAKER, CK KWH$150
133089-11997 Nissan Nissan truckSpeaker 1/97,CK BHS 12-7-06$Call
32707-11998 Acura RLDOOR SPEAKER$30
208687-11999 Honda CivicFront passenger TWEETER SPEAKER ASSY$12
255228-11999 Lexus GS 400Front passenger SPEAKER ASSY$49
255227-11999 Lexus GS 400Front driver SPEAKER ASSY$49
255226-11999 Lexus GS 400Rear passenger SPEAKER ASSY$49
255225-11999 Lexus GS 400Rear driver SPEAKER ASSY$49
133024-11999 Infiniti I30Speaker 11/98LAF 6-6-06 2 Rear BOSE$30
133023-12000 Nissan AltimaSpeaker$Call
132775-12000 Nissan MaximaSpeaker 28130 2Y900 FR BOSE CK MRM 7-03$30
214551-12000 Lexus RX300Speaker SUBWOOFER$28
28770-12001 Honda CivicFront passenger SPEAKER$10
48948-12001 Honda Cr-vSPEAKER FRONT$10
237040-12001 Acura MDXSpeaker SUBWOOFER$50
270522-12001 Nissan PathfinderSpeaker Passenger SPEAK UNIT ASSY$23
270521-12001 Nissan PathfinderDriver SPEAKER UNIT ASSY$23
183371-12001 Infiniti QX4Speaker Passenger FRONT$Call
261135-12001 Lexus RX300Speaker SUBWOOFER (PIONEER)$28
236145-12002 BMW 325ISpeaker Subwoofer W/ Amp -Harman Kardon$42
236146-12002 BMW 325ISpeaker Rear passenger Subwoofer$25
134574-12002 Nissan AltimaL REAR DOOR BOSE SPEAKER$35
134573-12002 Nissan AltimaL FRONT DOOR BOSE SPEAKER$35
134572-12002 Nissan AltimaRF DOOR BOSE SPEAKER$35
282835-12002 Honda CivicFront passenger TWEETER SPEAKER ASSY$12
282830-12002 Honda CivicFront passenger TWEETER SPEAKER ASSY$12
60549-12003 Honda CivicPassenger TWEETER SPEAKER$15
163889-12003 Nissan MuranoSpeaker$Call
25736-12003 Honda PilotSPEAKER, Rear passenger$50
295255-12003 Infiniti Q45PACKAGE TRAY SPEAKER$45
226528-12003 Lexus RX300SPEAKER SUBWOOFER ASSY$28
26709-12003 Acura TLRear driver DOOR SPEAKER$15

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