Category Results - Heater Cores and Heater Core resistors

Photo Item # From Description Price
139127-11994 Nissan PathfinderHeater Core PATHFINDER 94-95 Assembly$Call
291992-11995 Nissan 240SXAC HEATER CORE ASSY$125
132459-11995 Nissan PathfinderHeater Core FITS 95 PATHFINDER CK RG 10-6-05$150
140732-11995 Nissan Nissan truckHeater Core Assembly$Call
245658-11996 Honda Del solHEATER CORE ASSY$95
67417-11996 Acura IntegraHEATER CORE$50
133444-11996 Nissan PathfinderHeater Core 10/95,ck mik 8-29-07 has rust$75
59149-11996 Acura RLHEATER CORE$50
130641-11997 Honda CivicHeater Core AC EVAPORATOR$40
286795-11999 Toyota CamryHEATER CORE$40
279976-11999 Mazda MiataAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
287069-11999 Lexus SC300AC HEATER CORE ASSY$90
287795-11999 Lexus SC300Heater Core AC VENT CONTROL MOTOR$40
295212-11999 Lexus SC300Heater Core AC SERVO CONTROL MODE MOTOR$40
63042-12000 Honda PreludeHEATER CORE$45
106139-12001 Honda AccordHEATER CORE V6$75
252391-12001 Lexus LS430AC HEATER CORE ASSY$250
293046-12001 Acura MDXHeater Core MODE MOTOR ASSY SERVO$40
99006-12001 Honda S2000Heater Core FRESH RECIRCULATION MOTOR$39
278676-12002 Lexus LS430AC HEATER CORE ASSY$250
287223-12002 Lexus SC430AC HEATER CORE ASSY$129
104510-12003 Honda AccordHEATER CORE$70
96752-12003 Honda CivicHEATER CORE, BROKEN PIECE$30
130957-12003 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$30
202617-12003 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$30
275545-12003 Lexus IS300HEATER CORE$100
228029-12004 Nissan 350ZHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$65
217261-12004 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY ONLY$75
240209-12004 Mazda 6Heater Core Assy W/O Blower Motor$75
88971-12004 Honda S2000HEATER CORE$50
95799-12004 Honda S2000HEATER CORE$50
244040-12004 Honda S2000HEATER CORE HOUSING$50
298563-12004 Nissan TitanAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$200
274818-12004 Acura TLAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
55233-12005 Honda CivicHEATER CORE sold$30
237024-12005 Honda CivicHeater Core Water Valve Assembly$20
213531-12005 Nissan FrontierHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$200
228134-12005 Toyota HighlanderHEATER CORE ASSY$60
82361-12005 Acura RLHeater Core Driver SERVO MOTOR$50
82360-12005 Acura RLHeater Core Passenger SERVO MOTOR$50
82359-12005 Acura RLHeater Core MODE MOTOR$50
82358-12005 Acura RLHeater Core REAR VENT MOTOR$60
86245-12005 Acura RLHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$50
206090-12005 Acura RLHEATER CORE SUB ASSY$75
223157-12006 Nissan 350ZHEATER CORE HOUSING ASSY$110
295203-12006 Honda InsightAC HEATER CORE MODE MOTOR$40
229240-12006 Infiniti M45HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$85
199557-12006 Honda OdysseyHEATER CORE ASSY$100
48974-12006 Acura RLHEATER CORE$75
87512-12006 Acura RSXHEATER CORE$100
80598-12006 Acura TSXHEATER CORE broken tab$40
289240-12007 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY ONLY$75
87657-12007 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$45
43220-12007 Honda CivicHEATER CORE WATER PUMP$50
105292-12007 Honda CivicHeater Core POWER TRANSISTOR$15
105291-12007 Honda CivicHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$13
288969-12007 Lexus ES 350AC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
296929-12007 Lexus LS460Heater Core EVAPORATOR SERVO MOTOR ACTUATOR$50
296928-12007 Lexus LS460HEATER CORE BLEND DOOR MOTOR$50
297359-12007 Lexus LS460Heater Core EVAPORATOR SERVO MOTOR$50
297358-12007 Lexus LS460Heater Core EVAPORATOR SERVO MOTOR$50
120877-12007 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE W/O BLOWER MOTOR$85
260172-12007 Honda OdysseyREAR AC HEATER CORE ASSY$85
205726-12007 Honda S2000Core HEATER AIR MIX MOTOR ACTUATOR$40
242004-12007 Scion Tc scionCore HEATER DOOR FLAP MOTOR$14
120239-12007 Acura TLHeater Core AC MODE MOTOR$30
259719-12007 Acura TLAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
245734-12008 Nissan AltimaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$95
60166-12008 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
53486-12008 Honda CivicHEATER CORE 1.8L$50
97798-12008 Honda CivicHeater Core FRESH/RECIRCULATING MOTOR$9
97797-12008 Honda CivicHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$13
97794-12008 Honda CivicHeater Core POWER TRANSISTOR$18
200511-12008 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSY$45
259906-12008 Lexus GS350AC HEATER CORE BLOWER ASSY$125
295204-12008 Toyota PriusAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
83920-12008 Acura RLHEATER CORE$75
294759-12008 Toyota SiennaHEATER CORE$150
91212-12008 Acura TSXHEATER CORE$40
226609-12008 Toyota YarisHEATER CORE & BLOWER MOTOR ASSY$100
92808-12009 Honda AccordHeater Core POWER TRANSISTOR$20
288982-12009 Toyota CamryAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
228955-12009 Nissan CubeHeater Core W/ Blower Motor$125
246594-12009 Nissan Gt-rAC / HEATER CORE ASSY$350
127303-12009 Acura MDXFRONT HEATER CORE$150
291958-12009 Mazda MiataAC HEATER CORE EVAPORATOR ASSY$99
100077-12009 Honda PilotHeater Core Rear TRANSISTOR$25
100386-12009 Honda PilotHeater Core Rear POWER TRANSISTOR$25
266232-12009 Nissan SentraAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
234331-12009 Scion Tc scionAC / HEATER CORE ASSY$80
274170-12009 Acura TSXAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
274816-12010 Nissan 370ZHEATER CORE$99
260438-12010 Honda AccordAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
260440-12010 Nissan CubeAC HEATER CORE ASSY$125
277236-12010 Subaru ImprezaHEATER CORE$150
84965-12010 Honda InsightHEATER CORE$75
287362-12010 Mazda 3AC HEATER CORE ASSY$95
127009-12010 Acura MDXFRONT HEATER CORE$75
102775-12010 Lexus RX350Heater Core SERVO MOTOR 063800-0172$60
102774-12010 Lexus RX350Heater Core SERVO MOTOR, BROKEPLUG 063800-0172$60
243944-12010 Toyota SiennaCore HEATER MODE MOTOR ACTUATOR SERVO$20
223023-12010 Toyota TacomaHEATER CORE RADIATOR$70
223064-12010 Toyota TacomaHeater Core SERVO AIR MIX ACTUATOR$30
223063-12010 Toyota TacomaDriver SERVO ACTUATOR, HEATER CORE$63
265343-12010 Acura TLAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
261253-12010 Acura TSXAC HEATER CORE ASSY$65
228513-12011 Nissan 370ZHeater Core 3.7L RWD AT$99
69447-12011 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
51939-12011 Honda Cr-zHEATER CORE$75
88745-12011 Honda InsightHEATER CORE$75
243635-12011 Nissan JukeAC HEATER CORE$125
252381-12011 Nissan MaximaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$95
285608-12011 Mazda 3AC HEATER CORE ASSY$95
259440-12011 Acura MDXHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$35
259426-12011 Acura MDXPassenger HEATER CORE TEMPERATURE MOTOR$35
109574-12011 Honda OdysseyHeater Core REAR MODE MOTOR$34
109573-12011 Honda OdysseyHeater Core REAR AIR MIX MOTOR$34
110217-12011 Honda OdysseyHeater Core REAR POWER TRANSISTOR$10
205713-12011 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE MODE MOTOR$34
205697-12011 Honda OdysseyFRONT HEATER CORE MODE MOTOR$18
205695-12011 Honda OdysseyHEATER CORE BLEND DOOR MOTOR$25
120979-12011 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE - MISSING 1 MOTOR$75
252426-12011 Nissan RogueAC HEATER CORE ASSY$99
285020-12012 Nissan AltimaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$95
205698-12012 Toyota CamryHEATER CORE MODE MOTOR SERVO$50
62791-12012 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$85
59726-12012 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$85
56743-12012 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$85
86064-12012 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$85
71875-12012 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE slightly broken$50
69563-12012 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE$50
89787-12012 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE$75
278237-12012 Honda CrosstourAC HEATER CORE ASSY$65
225498-12012 Infiniti G37Heater Core - Complete Assembly$80
259715-12012 Nissan LeafAC BLOWER HEATER CORE ASSY$125
259418-12012 Nissan LeafHEATER CORE MODE MOTOR ACTUATOR$50
203638-12012 Acura MDXREAR HEATER CORE$100
279728-12012 Mazda MiataAC HEATER CORE EVAPORATOR ASSY$99
122630-12012 Honda PilotHEATER CORE$49
217072-12012 Honda PilotHEATER CORE ASSY$49
266225-12012 Toyota PriusAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$100
220322-12012 Nissan QuestHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$115
274811-12012 Nissan TitanHEATER CORE/ BLOWER MOTOR$200
83784-12013 Honda AccordHEATER CORE, broken tabs$50
120237-12013 Honda AccordHeater Core MOTOR ASSY., MODE SERVO$15
205724-12013 Honda AccordCore HEATER A/M AS MOTOR ACTUATOR$18
220609-12013 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY$50
267333-12013 Nissan AltimaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
100850-12013 Toyota CamryHEATER CORE HAS CRACK ON HOUSING$Call
209313-12013 Toyota CamryHEATER CORE & BLOWER ASSY$100
293079-12013 Porsche CayenneFRONT AC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$299
79700-12013 Honda CivicHEATER CORE - CRACKED CASING$20
70441-12013 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$60
86246-12013 Honda CivicHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$10
98143-12013 Honda CivicHeater Core MODE SERVO MOTOR ASSY$15
225234-12013 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$75
226718-12013 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$75
237769-12013 Toyota CorollaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
89788-12013 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE$50
274507-12013 Scion Fr-sAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$150
224320-12013 Nissan FrontierHEATER CORE NO BLOWER MOTOR$190
235341-12013 Lexus GS350HEATER CORE SERVO, UNKNOWN SIDE$75
235340-12013 Lexus GS350HEATER CORE SERVO, UNKNOWN SIDE$75
259753-12013 Lexus GS350AC HEATER CORE$150
103947-12013 Acura ILXHEATER CORE$75
112564-12013 Acura ILXHeater Core POWER TRANSISTOR$15
105932-12013 Honda PilotHeater Core TRANSISTOR$27
90559-12013 Acura RDXHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
110671-12013 Acura RDXHEATER CORE$75
228022-12013 Nissan RogueBLOWER MOTOR/ HEATER CORE HOUSING$99
214464-12013 Toyota SiennaHEATER CORE & BLOWER HOUSING ASSY$100
127763-12014 Honda AccordHYBRID PLUG-IN HEATER CORE$200
128932-12014 Honda AccordHEATER CORE$50
131326-12014 Honda AccordHEATER CORE$50
219025-12014 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY$50
284051-12014 Honda AccordAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$100
121791-12014 Lexus CT200HSERVO MOTOR HEATER CORE$39
282506-12014 Lexus ES300HHEATER CORE ASSY$250
252382-12014 Mazda 3AC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
289107-12014 Mazda 6AC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
210113-12014 Acura MDXHEATER CORE ASSY$75
216703-12014 Acura MDXHEATER CORE & BLOWER SUB ASSY$75
225232-12014 Acura MDXHEATER CORE ASSY$75
221678-12014 Honda OdysseyHeater Core DRIVER TEMPERATURE MOTOR ACTUATOR$18
221676-12014 Honda OdysseyHEATER CORE POWER TRANSISTOR$25
221675-12014 Honda OdysseyHEATER CORE MOTOR ACTUATOR$25
221674-12014 Honda OdysseyHeater Core PASSENGER TEMPERATURE MOTOR ACTUATOR$35
289113-12014 Subaru Outback legacyAC HEATER CORE ASSY$150
129747-12014 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE$49
274171-12014 Infiniti Q50AC HEATER CORE ASSY$99
82354-12014 Acura RDXHeater Core SERVO MODE MOTOR$20
259415-12014 Nissan SentraHEATER CORE POWER TRANSISTOR$20
128579-12014 Toyota SiennaHEATER CORE$150
258115-12014 Scion Tc scionAC HEATER CORE & BLOWER ASSY$100
293072-12015 BMW 328IAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$199
102799-12015 Honda AccordHEATER CORE HYBRID$180
104556-12015 Honda CivicHeater Core MODE MOTOR$15
103513-12015 Honda CivicHeater Core FRESH/RECIRCULATING MOTOR$9
103512-12015 Honda CivicHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$21
126300-12015 Honda Civic2DR HEATER CORE$75
108061-12015 Honda FITAC/HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$99
210111-12015 Honda FITAC/HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$99
266226-12015 Nissan FrontierAC HEATER CORE ASSY$90
126326-12015 Toyota HighlanderFRONT HEATER CORE$150
127764-12015 Lexus IS 250HEATER CORE$149
130009-12015 Acura MDXHEATER CORE$75
240193-12015 Acura MDXHEATER CORE ASSY$75
222144-12015 Nissan PathfinderHEATER CORE HOUSING$120
240562-12015 Infiniti Q50HEATER CORE ASSY$99
261620-12015 Infiniti Q50AC HEATER CORE ASSY$99
240199-12015 RogueHEATER CORE ASSY$99
259417-12015 Nissan SentraHEATER CORE POWER TRANSISTOR$20
291977-12015 Acura TLXHEATER CORE ASSY$130
275546-12015 Subaru WRXHEATER CORE$150
296936-12015 Toyota YarisCore AC HEATER EVAPORATOR ASSY$225
205689-12016 Honda AccordHEATER CORE MODE SERVO MOTOR ASSY$15
216706-12016 Honda AccordHEATER CORE SUB ASSY$100
217081-12016 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY$100
223333-12016 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY$100
123959-12016 Toyota AvalonHEATER CORE$200
191223-12016 Toyota CamryHeater Core BLOWER MOTOR$40
291990-12016 Jeep CherokeeAC HEATER CORE ASSY$200
116259-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
123793-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
124256-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
193060-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
203636-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
214466-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$50
222411-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$50
230307-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$50
125993-12016 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE 2015-2016 ONLY$50
128578-12016 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE 2015-2015$50
211556-12016 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSY$50
260171-12016 Honda Cr-vAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
243926-12016 Honda FITAC/HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$99
293693-12016 Toyota HighlanderREAR HEATER CORE W/ BLOWER MOTOR$299
241587-12016 Acura ILXHEATER CORE ASSY$75
266267-12016 Acura ILXAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
289243-12016 Lexus IS 350AC HEATER CORE ASSY$149
295284-12016 Mazda 6AC HEATER CORE ASSY$200
295775-12016 Jeep PatriotHEATER CORE ASSY$150
225233-12016 Honda PilotHEATER CORE ASSY$75
296107-12016 Lexus RX350AC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$450
267199-12016 Nissan SentraAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
211443-12016 Acura TLXHEATER CORE ASSY$130
266222-12017 Toyota 86AC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$150
243518-12017 Honda AccordAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
210279-12017 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$50
212415-12017 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$50
235457-12017 Honda CivicAC / HEATER CORE ASSY$50
266256-12017 Honda CivicAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
212392-12017 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSY$100
234867-12017 Honda Cr-vAC / HEATER CORE ASSY$100
274814-12017 Subaru CrosstrekHEATER CORE$150
274813-12017 Subaru ForesterHEATER CORE$150
124361-12017 Acura ILXHEATER CORE$75
259433-12017 Acura ILXHeater Core AIR MIX MOTOR$20
259423-12017 Acura ILXDriver HEATER CORE AIR MIX MOTOR$33
284848-12017 Nissan MaximaPIECE OF HEATER CORE PIPE$25
291994-12017 Nissan MaximaAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
274184-12017 Subaru Outback legacyAC HEATER CORE ASSY$150
243447-12017 Infiniti QX60HEATER CORE HOUSING$120
266234-12017 Honda RidgelineAC HEATER CORE ASSY$75
217581-12018 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSY$200
234609-12018 Honda AccordAC / HEATER CORE ASSY$200
241875-12018 Honda AccordAC HEATER CORE ASSY$200
261252-12018 Toyota CamryAC HEATER CORE ASSY$199
229545-12018 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSY$90
242640-12018 Honda Cr-vAC HEATER CORE ASSY$100
290450-12018 Ford MustangAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$165
240222-12018 Honda OdysseyHEATER CORE ASSY$99
274527-12019 Toyota CamryAC HEATER CORE + BLOWER ASSY$199
289184-12019 Toyota CorollaHEATER CORE$250
255377-12019 Honda InsightAC/HEATER CORE ASSY$50
291711-12019 Toyota TacomaHEATER CORE ASSY$150

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