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How to replace a sun visor - Replacement installation tutorial

Published Thursday August 4th, 2016 8:38pm by AH Parts Dismantlers

In this blog we'll be going over some basic sun visor replacement instructions. The estimated time it should take to install the sun visor is about 5 minutes, making this an easy do-it-yourself job!  Weather you need to install a new one due to sun damage, or due to manufacturing defects, we've got you covered. Let's grab a few basic tools and get started. 

Tools Needed

  1. Standard size flat head screw driver
  2. Smaller sized flat head screw driver

Wow, that's it? Yup. 


For whatever reason, the Honda Civic 2006-2011 model is notorious for having defective sun visors. This makes for a good vehicle to do a replacement on. Your vehicle may be a little different than the one we're working on, but the steps should be very similar. Let's begin the tutorial.

  1. Swing the visor down.
  2. Pull it out of the roof lock and push it towards the windshield as far as possible.
  3. Take the small flat head towards the roof cover.
  4. Pry the cover off by getting the flat head into the cutout area of the cover.
  5. Finish removing the cover by using your hand to pull it out and down, out of the way. You should now see the two screws that hold the visor to the roof.
  6. Use the larger flat head to undo the two screws.
  7. The visor should now be loose. If your visor has a connector wire, you'll need to disconnect the wire. This is normally done by pressing down on a security tab and pulling the wire apart from the harness.
  8. Final step, reverse everything we just did and reinstall your new visor.

That wasn't so hard. Next time you need to replace one - piece of cake. Don't forget to check out our store if you're in need of a new visor!

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