2022 Honda Civic Front Driver Seat - Black - W/o Airbag* 81521-T20-A61ZA

2022 Honda Civic front driver seat - black - w/o airbag* is a used item with a 1 year warranty. This OEM replacement front driver seat - black - w/o airbag* is genuine and has part numbers 81521-T20-A61ZA, 81521T20A61ZA, 81531-T20-A61ZA, and 81531T20A61ZA. This Honda part sells for $150. This item has the following note: '*airbags sold separately.'

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$300 Honda FR/LH SEAT W/O...
$150 Honda FR/LH SEAT - B...

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Item #432809-1 Inquiry

Item # 432809-1
Part Numbers 81521-T20-A61ZA, 81521T20A61ZA, 81531-T20-A61ZA, 81531T20A61ZA
Availability Recently Sold (Check our stock for similar items)
Warranty Includes a 1 year warranty. View details.
Condition Used
Quantity 0
Donor Engine 1.5T
Notes *airbags sold separately.
Part Compatibility Contact us for part compatibility.
Photos 82 (View all photos)
Doors 4 Door Sedan
Outside Color Grey (Sonic Grey - NH877P)
Door Structure SEDAN
Model Option (Package) TOUR
Engine 1.5T
Fuel Control EFI
Transmission AT
Drive Train FWD
Mirror Type PM
Glass Type Tint
Inside Color Black
Window Regulator Type PW
Lock Type Keyless
Column Information Tilt
Shift Position Floor
Seat Type Bucket
Seat Material Leather
Roof Type Sunroof
AC Type Factory
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