Category Results - Clutch Discs

Photo Item # From Description Price
224770-11992 Nissan 240SXDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE, 2.4L,MT$145
136581-11995 CycleDisc KAWASAKI ZX600F 95 CLUTCH$Call
294600-11996 Acura IntegraDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$50
133350-11996 Nissan MaximaClutch Disc 6-95,CK BHS 12-11-06$Call
232974-11999 Honda CivicDisc CLUTCH DISK, AFTERMARKET, W/ PLATE$60
292618-11999 Acura NSXDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$399
234341-11999 Toyota TacomaDisc Clutch Cover/Pressure Plate$100
288634-12000 Honda CivicDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$40
226942-12003 Nissan FrontierCLUTCH DISC + PRESSURE PLATE, MT$90
231578-12004 Nissan 350ZClutch Cover & Disc$100
304633-12004 Acura NSXDisc CLUTCH FORK RELEASE$75
264297-12004 Honda S2000Disc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$180
231579-12005 Infiniti G35Clutch Cover & Disc$100
260652-12006 Nissan 350ZDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$100
253580-12006 Acura RSXDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$100
301893-12007 Honda S2000Disc CLUTCH ASSY$75
276594-12010 Subaru ImprezaDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$100
287154-12011 Nissan 370ZDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$150
287248-12013 Subaru Br-zDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$40
276624-12013 Honda CivicDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE + DISK ASSY$75
269489-12013 Scion Fr-sDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$100
265511-12015 Honda CivicDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE + DISK ASSY$65
302177-12015 Honda CivicDisc CLUTCH DISK AND FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY$75
260833-12015 Nissan FrontierDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE ASSY$100
275293-12015 Subaru WRXDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$100
285221-12016 Subaru WRXDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$100
284337-12018 Ford MustangDisc CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE$220

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