Used OEM Nissan Gt-r Parts

Browse OEM used Nissan Gt-r replacement parts list online. View our used Nissan Gt-r vehicles catalog for wholesale car parts. Car photos are of actual stock, not diagrams!

The Nissan GT-R is a 2-door high-performance sports car. The car has won many awards and became quite popular for the relative low cost for what is near a supercar. Available packages are Pure, Premium, Track Edition and NISMO.

The Nissan GT-R uses a 3.8L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 with a 6-speed dual cluch automatic transmission available. The Nissan GT-R only contains the standard 2-door coupe body design.

1. 2009 Nissan Gt-r

This 2009 Nissan Gt-r is Stock #4008-3 and has 88 used parts still available for purchase.

Used OEM Nissan Gt-r Parts
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Here's a sample of some Nissan Gt-r parts we currently stock:

Part Price Part Year Part Description Part Image Date Published
$300 2009 Body Control Module Item #197122-1 06/02/2014
$15 2009 Passenger A/C Amplifier Bracket Item #197121-1 06/02/2014
$15 2009 Passenger A/C Amplifier Bracket Item #197121-1 06/02/2014
$50 2009 Passenger KICK PANEL BLACK Item #212037-1 06/02/2014
$40 2009 Driver Hid Headlight Bulb (D2S) Style Item #196754-1 06/02/2014
$40 2009 Driver Intercooler Charge Piping
connects directly to the Right side of the left hand intercooler
Item #197256-1 06/02/2014
$250 2009 Intercooler Piping Item #196677-1 06/02/2014
$55 2009 Rear driver Seat Belt Item #196699-1 06/02/2014
$40 2009 Driver HID Headlight Ballast Item #196735-1 06/02/2014
$200 2009 CLOCK SPRING Item #224046-1 06/02/2014
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